Rahel Senn studied classical piano (MASTER OF ARTS, HSLU) under the tutorship of Konstantin Lifschitz. 

In 2012, she has been the only Swiss artist rewarded with the title YOUNG STEINWAY ARTIST (Berlin/New York). 

Since then, she has been an international performing artist attending concert in the world's major cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok, Santiago De Chile, Talca, Punta Arenas, Valdivia, Caracas, Maracaibo, Asuncion, Montevideo, Lima, Arequipa, Bogota, Popayan, Cologne, Bangalore, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich (Volkshaus), Lucerne (KKL) and Berne. She has collaborated with world-renowned orchestras such as the NDR-Radiophilharmonie, Orquesta de La Universidad Mayor de Santiago De Chile and has been signed to SONY CLASSICAL in 2018. 

Her repertoire is wide and ranges from classical masterpieces and piano concertos to popsong-transcriptions as well as her self-composed neoclassical piano-, ensemble- and orchestral-works. 

Rahel Senn has been supported by the Lyra-foundation for highly-talented young musicians as well as by the Ernst Göhner-foundation for talented young people. 

She has released seven studio-albums. Go to Shop


CD-releases with Rahel Senns compositions include: 

  • RETOUR A L'ART BRUT (2012, SWISS Int. Airlines)
  • TEMPS (2014)
  • OPUS Z (2015)
  • PATAGONIA (2018)

Single-releases (only digital):

  • Motherly Love 
  • Song For Peace
  •  灯笼 / Lanterns
  • Delirium 


  • Merry Christmas (Elton John/ Ed Sheeran)
  • 月亮代表我的心/ The Moon Represents My Heart (Teresa Tang)

Musicals/ Entertainment:

  • Totaler Wahnsinn! (2005, Kantonsschule Stadelhofen / Zürcher Mittelschulpreis)
  • Sanskaja (2009, Volkshaus Zürich)
  • “Reding-Marsch” für Blasensemble (2012, Swiss Club Singapore)
  • Save The Gryphon (2012, Raffles Institution Singapore)

A choice of Rahel Senn's compositions is available as sheetmusic - Download 


Rahel Senn has been appointed music consultant at the renowned RAFFLES INSTITUTION SINGAPORE  in 2012. 

Rahel Senn has given masterclasses at various international universities such as Universidad Mayor de Santiago De Chile, Universidad De Talca, Universidad De Magellanes. 

Recently, she began to establish her own private-run PIANO ACADEMY in Zurich, Switzerland. 


Rahel Senn hat zwei Bücher veröffentlicht. 

2011/2012 war sie als Kolumnistin für die SCHWEIZER MONATSHEFTE (Schweizer Monat) tätig. 

Seit 2022 schreibt sie Beiträge und Kolumnen für DIE WELTWOCHE. 


In 2022, Rahel Senn founded her own professional piano-ensemble. The first public performance was on november 18th at St.Peter (Zurich). 

A first recording named NEW BEGINNINGS contains 8 titles composed and arranged by Rahel Senn and has been released in spring 2023. 

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